A Data Entry Keyer is one who types data into a computer, the basic work is only to enter data input by using machines like keyboards or typewriters or the ten key adding machines. The Data Entry Keyer jobs are available abundantly since these keyers follow routine instructions and specific machine operating procedures which is typical. There are specific data fields and the keyers just type in the data in those specific fields. These Data Entry Keyers are also called Data Entry operators or Input Operators.

The data entry keyer job requires comfortable working conditions usually in a comfortable office since their work involves a lot of repetition, speed and accuracy along with concentration only then can there be improved production. This could lead to stress which has to be taken care of.

The upcoming BPO’s have given rise to Call Centers where the job is to attend calls and simultaneously one has to maintain the callers call history which has to be keyed in whilst on the call so that the quality conditions are met with. They have given primary importance to come out of stress by diversifying to activities where the atmosphere can be more relaxing and livening.

There are requisites set for data entry keyer jobs and they include speed and accuracy and there are pre_hiring tests to judge on the keyers ability which may include the ten_key keyboard by touch or data keying speed which is set by the companies requirements depending or the job profile. Others may focus on reading ability, language ability which will definitely affect the input that is keyed by the keyer and finally it would reflect on the quality of the keyer jobs. With accuracy and experience the data entry keyer has chances to move on to programmer trainee positions where one can excel phenomenally.